“Exhibitionists” by Superhumanoids

June 11. 2013 | By Andre Cruz


[Innovative Leisure]

In less then 4 years, Los Angeles, CA’s Superhumanoids have easily gained the attention of many, without having even released a full length album. Out of print Urgency EP, quickly garnered them the support of their local scene. While Parasite Paradise EP, secured them opening slots on tours for some of today’s best indie rock bands (Cold War Kids, Local Natives, Grouplove). On their first full length, Exhibitionist, the Superhumanoids display a relentless ability to define their dream pop/dark wave sound. The tracklist is a perfect arrangment giving the listener a subtle feel with opening track “Black Widow” then slowly building momentum with following song and first single “Geri.” This is proceed by an infectious pop gem of a song in “Canteen,” that should give the listener a sudden urge to dance. The feeling will continure with the groovy vibes of “So Strange.” This song showcases Sarah Chernoff‘s vocal range which commands a pulsing arrangment of musical landscapes. Something to consider while listening to this album is the members playing different roles in each song. Which is part of the beauty of Superhumanoids is the trio’s constant switching in roles on instruments and vocal duties, something that can only be witnessed live. The band gleams with confidence while losing themselves in songs like “Bad Weather” and “See It All,” completely drawing in the listener. This is a perfect debut from a young band, and is only beginning their musical journey.

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