ALBUM REVIEW: “Europe” by Allo Darlin’

April 13. 2012 | By Samantha Saturday

Allo Darlin’
[Slumberland Records]

As spring rain clouds dominate the sky, Allo Darlin’s sophomore release, Europe, could be the perfect soundtrack for a stroll in the misty weather. Led by the gentle vocals of Elizabeth Morris, Allo Darlin’ has crafted an album of sincere tunes about what it’s like to be in those weird, in-between parts of life and relationships. While their sound is catchy, undeniable pop, their lyrics are easily relatable. We are particularly struck with the simple vocals-and-uke combination on “Tallulah,” when Morris sings simply “I wonder if you’d want to go there with me when I’m finished over here, if you’re not finished with me.”

Even further down the tracklist, the up-beat sound of “Still Young” (which sounds a bit like it could come Camera Obscura if they existed in the ’90s) is paired with lyrics that reflect on the uncertainty and fragility of young relationships. In its entirety, Europe serves as a representation of the less melodramatic personal issues we face in our lives, but are still worth documenting and reflecting on.

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