ALBUM REVIEW: “Era Extrana” by Neon Indian

September 12. 2011 | By Tania

Neon Indian
Era Extrana
[Static Tongues/Mom + Pop]

Fans of Neon Indian expect little more than a psychedelic good time when they hear their music. Era Extrana provides just that plus a little bit more of a Daft Punk feeling when compared to their first release, Psychic Chasms.

“Polish Girls” is one of the most fun tracks on the album. With a sweet little melody that brings in sound effect after effect, the track is just killer. Lyrics like, “those little dreams come back to you… do you remember/do I ever cross your mind?” The track is also lyrically inspiring for those looking at love lost. Of course, a good part of that inspiration is the motivation to dance, but there are multiple ways to look at the track. “Future Sick” features a bit of a bluesy-jazz feeling. Low notes start the track and the pace never picks up that much. The track is mellow and melodic. Quickly, “Future Sick” will lock you up in a trance as the chorus drones “future sick” over and over. “Heart Decay” is another one of the album’s highlights. The track starts out sounding like a 1980’s love song but moves into psychedelia. The short but sweet interlude is one of the best instrumental pieces the band has put out. Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be much in the lyrics department when a track is this stellar.

If you’re wondering whether or not to pick up Era Extrana, stop wondering and just grab it. You’ll have your mind blown once more by one of the hottest bands on the scene.

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