ALBUM REVIEW: “Wavvves” by Wavves

February 03. 2009 | By Briana

Artist: Wavves
Album: Wavvves
Label: De Stijl

It is during times like these — a global recession, proliferating unemployment and prolonged war — that we need bands like Wavves. Not to say that the sunny and simple stylings of this power duo urge you to go out and party like there’s no tomorrow. Spend money. Bang hoes. Instead Wavves makes a statement more like, “Party for moment, if you will. But there is a tomorrow.”

This fresh optimism is the cornerstone of Wavvves with its not-so-subtle mix of Ramones meets Beatles tied together with Beach Boys. Singer Nathan Williams seems to be straining every muscle and breaking out every nostalgic nuance just to keep smiling. You gotta love that much fight in something so carelessly charming. Wavvves is a refreshing reminder of everything to love about pop rock.

Review submitted by Briana Hernandez.

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