CD Review: "Pins and Needles" by Bray

April 17. 2007 | By Jason Jurgens

Artist: Bray
Album: Pins and Needles
Genre: Rock/Pop

Some guys have all the luck, and San Francisco recording artist Bray is one of them. He’s got male model looks and a charismatic voice that chicks want crooning into their ears. And with his newest release, Pins and Needles, Bray should find himself piercing through airwaves and tender hearts.

With buzzing guitar grinds and dancing hooks, the 12-track disc refuses to keep you still. And the intensity most songs break in live performance is not completely lost within these recordings, as it moves with an aggressive vivacity of a live show or a one night stand. Bray’s vocals range between raunchy rasps and breathy beats, which carry the mood of each song. “Cocoon” and “You in that Dress” are notably striking among the bunch.

Pins and Needles is on point. It’s raw, it’s sexy, and it’s geared for a good time.

Review submitted by Robbie Salapuddin.

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