CD Review: "Original Sound Recordings " by AMPSEX

November 04. 2006 | By Jason Jurgens

Artist: AMPSEX
Album: Original Sound Recordings
Genre: Heavy Metal/Progressive, Modern Rock/Alternative, Rock/Pop

Thank God! A band that is serious about it’s music but that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This young San Francisco three-piece is writing songs that rock and make you laugh at the same time. Beyond the lyrical humor, these guys are superb songwriters that definitely created a rock’n’roll vibe for themselves on their album Original Sound Recordings. The quality production on the album coupled with dynamic arrangements and a sense of humor really give the band a depth beyond their years.

Heavy but melodic and straight-ahead is the style throughout the album. The humor is obvious in songs like “Crazy Bitch,” “Porno Movie” and “DJ In Yo Band” which is a spoof rap song. The rocking continues on a more serious note with “Pops Fight,” “How It Feels,” “Circus” and “Blood”. “Someone Like You” offers a softer side and “My Best Friend Is A Punk” taps into a dark and perhaps coping sense of humor.

AMPSEX has tight songs that rock and the band is able to relate to their audience with a depth that not many young bands can match.

Review submitted by Craig Van Dyke.

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