ALBUM REVIEW: “Gravity” by Artemis

February 14. 2005 | By Staff

Gravity Artemis

[RTFM Records]

After hearing so many records in the last five years with programmed beats, airy synths and female vocals, I thought I might be incapable of giving an objective review to this dreamy, sonic concoction. After listening to Gravity from beginning to end, however, I found it to be a lush and solid representation of the trip-hop genre. The production and mixing are clean and balanced with good beat variations between songs; warm, subtle melodies also soothe the ears.

Although this album contains formulas and elements found in genres like trip-hop and ambient music, it’s production style and lyrical content take on a more mature and adult nature. It’s not as gritty as I like albums of this nature to be. There aren’t a lot of risks taken with Gravity nor are there many sonic envelopes being pushed, but it still sounds cool and doesn’t seem repetitious. The album could have used a break from the light and whispery female vocal performances but that’s definitely this album’s schtick. Standout songs include lead track “Sink or Swim” and the edgier “Inception.”

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