CD Review: "Dracula (single)" by Bray

February 11. 2008 | By Jason Jurgens

Artist: Bray
Album: Dracula (single)
Label: Talking House
Genre: Modern Rock/Alternative, Rock/Pop

Call in the priests – Bray is on the loose. The San Francisco singer will doubtless have the fainthearted reaching for their crucifixes with his elegant, almost demonic single, Dracula. With a slow, heart-thumping guitar and drum intro – reminiscent of the Misfits in simplicity and tone – tempered by Bray’s seductively jazz-infused vocals and lyrics like “Look into my eyes/and loosen your grip on your mind,” it’s possible that the prince of the undead has never sounded quite this attractive. Featuring Prince keyboardist Dr. Fink on a perfectly contrasted piano piece, there’s just about nothing to detract from this delicious tribute to one of society’s most notorious nightmares.

Review submitted by Lauren Mulcahy.

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