ALBUM REVIEW: “Buzz Kill City” by Light FM

September 23. 2011 | By Matt De Mello

Light FM
Buzz Kill City


There are albums you come across in life that are earth-shattering, life-changing auditory experiences and then there are albums that you enjoy quite a bit, but are rather insignificant in the grand scheme of musical history. Light FM’s Buzz Kill City is the latter. It’s a heavily-synthesized romp through every emotion a band can convey without having the listener feel the effects of those emotions. The comparisons to early Arcade Fire or Bloc Party are sure to abound and rightly so, as “Kill the Landlord” and “Mercy” show the infinite potential of this band. They’ve released some mediocre albums in the past, but this could be the one that brings them into the limelight. Is this their Silent Alarm? Their Neon Bible? No, it’s a not a journey you’re brought on, but more of a voyeuristic experience through someone else’s trip.

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