ALBUM REVIEW: "Baby" by Tribes

March 13. 2012 | By Vicki Dolenga

[Universal Republic]

These days it seems you can’t get away from rock music that has a lot of synthesizers and programming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, lots of bands use them very well – but for a change of pace and even a small step back in time, you can’t go wrong with the new album, Baby, from Tribes. The focus on guitars, drums, and the vocals of Johnny Lloyd show a passion for more bare-bones

rock ‘n roll, bringing to mind ‘90s acts like Nirvana, The Lemonheads, and The Pixies. Ballads like “Himalaya” and “Nightdriving” showcase Lloyd’s powerful vocals with steady and smooth rhythms from the guitars and drums. The more upbeat “Baby+Whenever” and “When My Day Comes” both rely on pounding beats, rocking guitar riffs and catchy choruses. There are a lot of bands to see at SXSW, but if you get the chance to catch Tribes, Baby proves that they should be amazing live.

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