ALBUM REVIEW: “Awkward EP” by San Cisco

February 09. 2012 | By Catriona Noble

San Cisco
Awkward EP
[Island City Records independently through MGM]

“Fresh + Real” is a simple formula = delightful and catchy. Innocent, yet ready to take on life is their formula which draws us in. The title track “Awkward,” sets the tone for a catchy duet between frontman Jordi and Scarlette (the drummer), who provides the female answer back.

“Awkward” is about when you first fall in love and don’t quite understand when the love isn’t reciprocated; a catchy earworm indeed. “Rocket Ship” beats us back into a fun place with lots of lovely harmonies, bongos, and tambourine mixed with heartfelt, gorgeous lyrics.

“Love” is a strong little fast guitar intro. These Aussie kids skate and play video games, but they also have feelings, opening with he catchy “do do da da” but managing to expose confessions of the heart, which sets you up for the closing two songs.

“505” is an Arctic Monkeys‘ cover and it’s the total distinction from the first fun and catchy half of the EP. It actually could be the Arctic Monkeys performing it’s so close to the original.

“Reckless” is a very romantic and heartfelt change of pace from the first 3 tracks. “Reckless” is for when you’re not the one who wants to get hurt. It’s an easy listen, I just hope this quartette can maintain their raw freshness and don’t move on from this formula.

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