"Awayland" by Villagers

April 09. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

{Awayland} - album art


Awayland is musical and emotionally diverse; plucking the listener up and casting them across space and time. Villagers experiments musically, this time around, incorporating a greater variety of instruments and electronic sparks than their debut album. “Earthly Pleasure” plunges us into power and delusion, sensuality and war. Conor O’Brien propels the story forward with hypnotic lyricism and embellishes the track with stutters and yawns. The theme of loss is presented on “Nothing Arrived,” a quasi-monotonous tune reminiscent of falling asleep at the wheel. Its repetitive nature speaks to a familiar

daily grind… we’re all going

through the motions of life without truly living (see video below). “The Bell” has a groove and an action-movie funk that keeps ringing in my head.

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