ALBUM REVIEW: “Apple Core” Kendl Winter

October 11. 2010 | By Vanessa

Kendl Winter
Apple Core
[K Records]

Solo artist Kendl Winter’s fourth album Apple Core comes out today, and it may just hit you right in your little apple core. If you aren’t into a bit of banjo-pickin’, then you may as well stop here. Winter’s music is Americana/roots/bluegrass at its finest. As you listen, you’ll be taken down back country roads, past the old diner and hardware store, through the town with one stop light.

Winter, out of Olympia, WA, picks the banjo like a hummingbird fervently flaps its tiny wings. And even with this frivolity, there is sadness and the blend is captivating. Her voice is a bit haunting, slightly sultry, filling you with the awareness of life’s most heart-rending moments with songs like “Dance Gently On My Grave” and “Sharp Stones Into the Sea”.

She sings about pro-choice issues in “Dr. Tiller,” which tells the story about an abortion doctor who is murdered in church. Her lyrics are poignant and honest. “In Wichita, Kansas, which way are we going here? / I’m walking through a mob of pro-lifers just to get a pap smear.” Also proficient on the guitar and dobro, Winter self-recorded Apple Core on both a boat in the Puget Sound and in a basement in the Olympia town of Westside. Accompanying her enchanting harmonies you’ll hear fiddle, piano, horn and some slide guitar. This bittersweet album has the power to let you feel a bit melancholy while also whittling your cares away. It may inspire you to dance or drink a little whiskey or both. Either way, Apple Core will find its way in, if you let it.

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