ALBUM REVIEW: “All Hidden Places” by Turtle Giant

September 18. 2012 | By Carnie

Turtle Giant
All Hidden Places

Sao Paulo, Brazil is thousands of miles from Brooklyn, New York, but the Brazilian trio, Turtle Giant, come across with a hefty Williamsburg vibe on their debut EP, All Hidden Places. “We Were Kids” is a great example. Driving rhythm, a chorus of prickly guitars, and the lead singer’s throaty delivery sets the pace of the album early.

Interspersed more frequently, however, is Turtle Giant’s quiet/loud/quiet dynamic. Grizzly Bear comparisons come ahead, but the effect is muted. For us, songs like “Gold Tooth (Killer)” and “Our Cave” feel like they’ve been inadvertently anchored down. Why weren’t they allowed to blossom beyond this excessive structure? The pent up energy in these songs is undeniable.

So, it comes as no surprise that although their debut EP did not generate an overall sense of swoon for us, Turtle Giant have put forth an introductory collection of songs that may end up translating into something bigger and more personal on future releases.

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