ALBUM REVIEW: “A Long Life Of Living” by Goodnight, Texas

October 09. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

Goodnight, Texas
A Long Life of Living
[Tallest Man Records]

Goodnight, Texas is an actual small town in the Lonestar State that is equidistant from member Patrick Dyer Wolf from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and member Avi Vinocur from San Francisco.

Bob Dylan declared in 1965 that he refused to work on Maggie’s farm “no more.” Come 47 years later, and roots/blues-inspired quartet Goodnight, Texas claim that they will be “working on Maggie’s farm forever” on the first track of their album. For optimal enjoyment, A Long Life of Living should be listened in one of three situations. Foremost, it should be listened to during a drive through rural areas, you know, with trees and shit. Second, it is great for hungover mornings while drinking black coffee and eating carbohydrate-infested foods. Lastly, it is suitable for late night walks with your canine.

A Long Life of Living pulls from elements of classic blues artists like Mississipi Fred McDowell and Bukka White, blended with qualities of Mumford and Sons. The only true downfall of the album is that they join the ranks of the most cliché club of all, home to Phantom Planet, Best Coast, and The Delta Spirit, the “Songs About California Club,” with the sappy jam “Calfornia, You’re a Hole in My Heart.”

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