ALBUM REVIEW: “2:54” by 2:54

May 25. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

[Fat Possum Records]

The sisters Thurlow (Collette and Hannah, to be exact) know exactly how they want you to feel with their music from the opening track “Revolving” – “Charging madly… suddenly, surrender/ give in to you… Revolving…” and yes, you will be caught in their cloak of sonic duskiness. Their self-titled debut is more than a ten song album; it’s an adventure that brings to mind a passionate gothic heroine’s stroll through the blustery moors, her heart heavy with longing. Songs like “Scarlet” and “You’re Early” pound in your ears and through to your soul, putting “the beat in [your] bones.” The rhythm section, Alex Robins (drums) and Joel Porter (bass), complement and complete 2:54.

Collette and Hannah are self-taught musicians; younger sister Hannah taught Collette to play guitar. Their early experiences in a raucous punk band to their current state are delicious extracts from their punk and metal influences; Kyuss and Metallica, to name a few. The list of bands they’ve toured with is already impressive and growing – the xx, Melissa Auf der Maur, and Warpaint. Oh, and the origin of their name? A moment in “History of Bad Men” by The Melvins.

We found our moment, by the way: “Circuitry,” 3:27.

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